WOW GROCERY – Durand’s next grocery option will be in the 35,000-square-foot building in the Monroe Plaza on W. Monroe Road that used to house Carter’s Food Center (inset file photo) until the chain closed a number of years ago.

Storeowner Nick Yono, who owns one other Wow Grocery Outlet in Taylor, Mich., will sell groceries, housewares and mattresses at the Durand location. Yono was still waiting to take possession of the building at press time, but he plans to have the store ready to open by “sometime in July.”

The store will sell 80 percent-off groceries. Yono says he will have roughly $500,000 worth of inventory on hand when the store opens. He is in the process of adding a location in Redford, MI as well.

Yono has been in the food industry for 45 years and he seeks to “fight the food manufacturing monopoly” by selling expired, but still edible food, saying: “160 billion pounds of food is wasted every year in the United States because of expiration dates,” He added, “The FDA does not even require food manufacturers to provide expiration dates, and we all know that food does not go bad just because the packaging says that it is expired. I will not sell anything in my stores that I would not eat myself.” Yono says that it will take him roughly four weeks to get the building ready once he takes possession. (Independent Photo/GRAHAM STURGEON)

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