by Graham Sturgeon, co-editor

   Following several months of controversy, the Woodhull Township has been completely reconstituted as a result of the 2016 election. Gone are Supervisor Diana Hasse; Trustees Bill Dodge and Jim Brehm; and Treasurer Jim Cribbs. The board will now be comprised of Supervisor-elect Kay Nickols; Trustees-elect Rick Betts and Tom Jelenek; Clerk-elect Paula Starr; and Treasurer-elect and former Supervisor Pam Slee.

   Slee, elected as Woodhull Township Supervisor in 2012, resigned her position in May of this year, and the board has seen four different people hold the Clerk position in 2016. Slee defeated Treasurer Cribbs in the August primary election, and she is looking forward to restoring order at the township office.

   “There is going to be a whole new board, and I am anxious to get started,” Slee said when reached for comment. “We are going to look to the future and stop rehashing the past. The Treasurer position is new to me, so I will have a bit of a learning curve, but I am looking to working together as a board. We want to be accessible to our residents. I would like to thank everyone who walked behind and beside me throughout this trying time. Thank you, everyone, for your support.”

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