THE TWO BROKEN BLADES from a wind turbine located in Saginaw County can easily be distinguished.

(Courtesy Photo)


by Karen Mead-Elford, co-editor

Two blades from a wind turbine in northern Saginaw County broke away from the rotor and were left dangling on Monday, June 26. No injuries were reported.

At first, heavy winds were suspected of causing the damage, but the broken blades are now considered an isolated issue. Steven Stengel, a spokesperson for NextEra Energy Resources that own the wind turbine, clarified “…we noticed that one of our wind turbines at Tuscola Wind Energy Center was not operating normally. Upon investigation, we discovered the broken wind turbine blade. No one was hurt, and the area and turbine were secured. An investigation into the cause is underway. Once we complete our investigation, we’ll remove and replace the damaged blade and get the turbine back into service.

The turbine is located in a rural area in Blumfield Township on Gera Road. One blade was oddly bent and the other blade broke close to the rotor.

There are approximately 75 wind turbines within the Tuscola Bay Wind Farm that went into operation in 2012. Owner NextEra Energy Resources is a renewable energy company headquartered in Florida. The company has multiple wind and solar power projects in several states.

The Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners enacted a one-year moratorium on the wind energy project proposed for Shiawassee County in mid-December 2016. The company involved with the project development in this county is Apex Clean Energy.

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