For everyone that has missed having the opportunity to recycle in Laingsburg, rest assured the Greater Laingsburg Recyclers (GLR) have missed being able to offer that service. GLR representatives have not given up.

   As previously stated, the GLR’s hope to continue to offer recycling in Laingsburg depends on their being able to establish decent working conditions for themselves. After 31 years, the GLR’s aging volunteers wanted a little shelter from the elements with access to bathroom facilities. Unfortunately, the pandemic forced them to close long before they could get that ball rolling. But the chance to win a grant from the state to establish a permanent recycling site in Laingsburg, one that could expand to meet the needs of the wider community and provide additional recycling possibilities, is still within reach, and the GLR continues to work towards that goal.

   The GLR has been selected by the state as having a project worthy of a grant, but it hinges on the GLR fulfilling certain additional requirements beyond what they’ve already established, like secure funding for ongoing operations. And since the state wouldn’t be able to grant the GLR as much money as initially requested, the GLR will have to raise additional funds to build the facility. The GLR will continue to explore ways to meet these challenges, but organizers believe it can be done. This hoped-for recycling facility would actually be operated by a partnership of the city of Laingsburg, Laingsburg schools and the GLR. If only Santa could come to the rescue! Hopefully 2021 will bring the GLR good news, so stay tuned.

   Anyone with questions, or for those who feel physically unable to take their materials elsewhere, call the GLR for assistance. Ellen or Terry Link can be reached at (517) 651-2005.

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