THE CITY OF CORUNNA’S Vintage Fashion Show was held on Wednesday, June 12 at the Corunna Community Center in McCurdy Park, featuring clothing and accessories from the late 1800s through the 1980s, which were displayed by a team of 42 volunteer models. The event, which is part of the city’s year-long sesquicentennial celebration, was made possible thanks to the time and clothing items donated by more than 40 local residents and organizations.

   Donating their time and stylistic treasures were Cassie Porter, Gabby Gaboury, Mary Dumond, Merilee Lawson, Debbie Bentley, Aliyah Bentley, Jadyn Bentley, Brooklynn Bentley, Sarah Bentley, Taylor Bentley, Eli Tomalia, Nate Thomas, Caleb Gaboury, the Corunna Historical Village, the Children’s Community Theater (Perry), Bea Wallace, Dorothy Souis, Dorothy Wing, Sherry Gaboury, Shelly Huska, Dorthy Solvis, Dixie Reynolds, Sheila Volek, Dorthy Holler, Barb Davis, Jan Adams, Rick Cole, Connie Brown, Angie Fernette, Millie Taute, Tammi Sawyer, Sherry Reichert, Carol Spaniola, Jenny Stout, Joe Sawyer, Donna and Chuck Kerridge and Brown Bonnet.

(Independent Photo/Graham Sturgeon)

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