by Elizabeth Wehman, editor

Excited Byron School Superintendent Tricia Murphy-Alderman was eager on Monday, Oct. 10 to show off renovations at the high school. Three classrooms at the high school were completely gutted and redone with sinking funds acquired by the school district. The changes were completed during the summer, with even more updates still coming for the science learning areas. “It’s so great to think that our classrooms can be listed as the newest science facility in Shiawassee County,” Murphy-Alderman proclaims. The school’s general fund helped supplement for some of the costs that, by law, couldn’t be covered by the sinking fund monies.

The project began as soon as school concluded on June 13 and were almost ready and operating to full capacity at the school district’s open house on Aug. 24. “There is still more to do,” says Murphy-Alderman, “but we’re getting there.” Coming soon are Smart Boards which will be used by the teachers for an even greater learning environment. Smart Board technology uses interactive whiteboards which operates as part of a system that includes not only the whiteboard, but a computer, a projector and whiteboarding software to make a collaborative learning software for education.

“We even were able to repurpose some of the old equipment and cupboards for the new rooms,” Murphy-Alderman adds. Many of the cupboards were made of solid wood products and are now storing many of the science room supplies in a more efficient and easy-to-access way.

Student’s responses to their new rooms is excitement as well as shock as to how nice the new rooms are to learn. The changes exceed many of their expectations. Fume hoods have been added to two of the classrooms which will keep laboratory projects safe as well as giving better ventilation to maintain odor from filtering into the hallways or outside areas of the high school hallways.

“The whole new remodel is making it easier for the student to learn new material quicker. We, as teachers, are able to just get down to business,” Krejci says. Another great aspect of the learning environment is having Chromebooks available for use by the students. Murphy-Alderman also wanted to send out thanks to the custodial staff at the school, “They were a great help in getting the rooms ready for students this fall. They did a great job as well.”

Updates on Science Technology at Byron High School was last modified: October 17th, 2016 by Karen Elford