SHIAWASSEE COUNTY VETERANS Les Schneider and Matthew Shepard of Tiny Homes for Veterans teamed up with Joe Blaharski and Collin Myers of Mobile Mitten Tiny Homes to display a Tiny Home during the Shiawassee County Fair. The Shiawassee County Fair Board and Fair Manager Ric Crawford allowed the Tiny Home to be displayed across from the Sheriff’s Posse building, where it was open for exploration all week.

  County residents enjoyed touring the Tiny Home, which was constructed by Mobile Mittens Tiny Homes, and several local builders and contractors expressed interest in partnering with Tiny Homes for Veterans. Shepard and Schneider hope to begin building their Tiny Homes in the near future. They have already acquired several old campers and trailers, which they plan to turn into Tiny Homes, they have started collecting the necessary building supplies and they have even received a few donations.

  Shepard and Schneider chose to use old camper frames to build their Tiny Homes so that the homes can be transported wherever they are needed in Michigan to house homeless veterans. They are still looking for more campers and trailers, and more building supplies are also needed.

  “We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Ric Crawford and the Shiawassee County Fair Board for allowing us to display a Tiny Home, and for their support of veterans throughout Michigan,” said Shepard. “We had a great response from the people we spoke with this week, and we look forward to bringing Tiny Homes for Veterans to Shiawassee County.”

  Anyone interested in donating to Tiny Homes for Veterans is asked to contact Shepard at (989) 413-9952, or Schneider at (989) 429-4310.

  Shown in front of the Tiny Home at the Shiawassee County Fair is (from left) Les Schneider, Collin Myers, Ric Crawford, Matthew Shepard and Joe Blaharski.

(Courtesy Photo)

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