EMMA TAYLOR is shown with her mother, Becky. Taylor’s 2009 Chevy Impala was struck approximately 10 times during a parking lot incident at Meijer on Friday, March 25. She needs a vehicle.

(Independent Photo/Karen Mead-Elford) 

  Emily Taylor, 19, of Corunna, found herself shocked and traumatized during an alleged aggravated driving incident in the Owosso/Corunna Meijer parking lot following work late on Friday, March 25. Taylor had picked up an extra shift working at a local restaurant. Following work, she was tired and hungry, so she picked up her boyfriend who lives in an apartment on M-21 and together they went to Meijer for pizza rolls. She never purchased her pizza rolls, though. In fact, upon leaving the parking area of the store, her car was likely damaged beyond repair; having been struck by another vehicle roughly 10 times.

    Taylor was driving her 2009 Chevy Impala – the first car she ever owned. Her sister had given her the car. Following a $2,000 investment of her own money into a new transmission, Taylor had a car for transportation to work and for general driving. She is hoping to become a manager at the restaurant where she is employed. 

Currently, she mostly works at the front counter, though following the parking lot incident, she is more stressed in dealing directly with the public, knowing it will take time to regain some confidence.

   On March 25, Taylor entered the Meijer parking lot from the east M-21 entrance, nearest to where her boyfriend lives, and drove toward her preferred parking lane near the grocery entrance. Her plan was simply to go inside, purchase pizza rolls and leave.

   “I always park in the same row so I can find my car,” Taylor shared her side of the story. She has been driving for one year, but following a minor hit-and-run incident a month ago, she shared she is a very cautious driver. Pulling into that parking row, she noticed a truck turn behind her. “He was following really close behind me. He was a little too close for comfort.” 

   She described turning into an alternate parking space to avoid the other vehicle, only the other driver drove directly into her vehicle anyway. She and her boyfriend were both in the vehicle at the time. Leaving her car running, they exited the car. She wanted to get a photo of the other drivers’ license plate. In that moment, she perceived he was going to back over her and jumped out of the way. Her boyfriend did take a photo, but it soon proved unnecessary. Neither were injured during the incident, though.

   “He looked out of it,” she offered. “He seemed disoriented. And he started continuously hitting my car. I have never met this guy. He was a stranger. He just picked a car, targeted it and went for it. I was terrified.” She emphasized she did not understand why the other driver decided to attack her vehicle, but she was certain it was not due to any particular parking space or anything she had done in entering the parking lot. From her understanding, the other driver was simply set on aggressively damaging her vehicle – no reasons offered.

   The incident was widely reported on social media with numerous witnesses sharing videos and photos and some individuals jumping to their own conclusions, according to Taylor. It was also covered in local newspapers.

   Ultimately, Steven Nicoletti, 53, of Owosso was arrested that night for allegedly striking Taylor’s Impala with his 2001 Ford F-150. The continuing investigation is being handled by the Michigan State Police who were assisted by the Corunna Police Department. Nicoletti faces three counts of fleeing and/or eluding police, three counts of felonious assault, three counts of resisting and/or obstructing police, malicious destruction of property and operating a vehicle while intoxicated. 

   While Nicoletti is facing charges, Taylor still needs a vehicle to get around. She carried PLPD insurance on the car, but remains unsure if insurance will provide any compensation given the circumstances of the incident. She shared she does not know if the other driver had any insurance. She has offered her testimony to the Michigan State Police and was going to take what remains of her car to Young in Owosso, though is certain the car will be totaled out.

   “My goal was to drive her until she died of natural causes,” Taylor shared about her Impala. She liked the car, since it was her first and she had invested her own money into it. She is distressed over losing her vehicle and all that happened in the parking lot that night. Now, she is worried about obtaining transportation for work. 

   Taylor’s mother, Becky, describes her as a “very hard working kid.” She is a single mother in a single-income household. Resources are tight.

   If interested in helping Taylor, a fundraiser has been set up through Go Fund Me by Autumn Key under Alleged Aggravated Driving Incident in Small Town at https://www.gofundme.com/f/alleged-aggravated-driving-incident-in-small-town?qid=53b63ada05185139b9bd42460940d195.

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