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   The Shiawassee Economic Development Partnership (SEDP), principally situated in Owosso, has set forth plans to lease the third floor of the Surbeck Building in downtown Corunna. SEDP will lease the space currently utilized by the Shiawassee County Department of Veterans Affairs and Services, following the VA office move to the former Griffon Home site. The transition of office spaces will not take place until the new VA project is finalized and that date remains unknown at this time.

   SEDP President/CEO Justin Horvath shared that SEDP has enjoyed the Owosso Armory space they have leased since the opening of the Armory. “The Armory has been really good for us. The building is beautiful,” Horvath said. He explained that the SEDP Armory lease is set to expire this year, which led to discussions with the county about ongoing county engagements between both SEDP and the county and mutual connections with the new Shiawassee County Landbank and the county brownfield authority. Horvath is a liaison on the Land Bank.

   “It was a confluence of factors,” Horvath stated, regarding how the decision to move came about.

   The Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners approved the SEDP contract on office space rental during the meeting in Corunna on Thursday, Oct. 20. Six commissioners approved the move. There were zero nay votes. Along with the commissioners, the SEDP Board of Directors has approved the move, too.  

   The SEDP will continue to operate as an independent, private nonprofit agency under the same model it has used for 20 years – with a focus on economic growth.

   Horvath shared the main office space will be located where the current VA office space is, but with SEDP having only four staff members, the space should be a good fit for the organization. SEDP will also utilize the conference room across the hall from the office space, as needed. For larger gatherings and events, Horvath plans to use various sites from around the county.

   He added that the SEDP team adapted to a very flexible schedule during the pandemic, becoming confident in working remotely with just a phone and a laptop, so he is not concerned about overcrowding.

   Regarding the new landbank board, the next meeting is planned for Nov. 7 at 9 a.m. in the Surbeck Building.

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