RALLY-O (Rally Obedience) was featured in the Shiawassee County Dog Barn during the fair on Tuesday, Aug. 7. Rally-O is a canine sport based on dog obedience that involves direct cooperation between the handler and the canine as they proceed through a course and follow the directions offered at designated stations before a judge. Rally-O differs from traditional obedience because directions are not coming directly from the judge. Instead, the directions are offered on signs. Also, unlike obedience, handlers may use encouragement during the course.

   Rally-O is one of many popular sport activities offered during fair week in the dog barn. The week began with showmanship and obedience shows, followed by the Cloverbuds showing on Monday, Rally-O on Tuesday, Agility on Wednesday, Team Judging on Thursday and various agility games on Friday.

   Four dog clubs currently exhibit at the Shiawassee County Fair, making the dog barn the largest in the state. They include Clever Dogs, Doggie Diggers, Happy Tails and Hush Puppies. All of these clubs meet at various times throughout the year and are involved in numerous fundraising activities.

 (Independent Photo/Karen Mead-Elford)

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