The voters of Shiawassee County headed to the polls on Tuesday, Aug. 4 to determine each party’s candidates for the November election, as well as a number of local proposals. A total of 16,502 voters, or 30.65 percent of the county’s 53,837 registered voters, turned out for the primary election. Most candidates did not face a challenger in the primary and automatically earned their party’s nomination for the November election. The full list of results can be viewed by visiting, but here are the results of the contested countywide races and local millage proposals decided on Tuesday, Aug. 4 in Shiawassee County:

• U.S. Congress, 4th District (DEM): Jerry Hillard defeated Anthony Feig, 3,141 to 2,644.

• Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners, 2nd District (DEM): Robert Doran-Brockway defeated Aaron Ray, 412 to 334.

• Board of Commissioners, 2nd District (REP): Gregory Brodeur defeated Elaine Wigle, 477 to 221.

• Board of Commissioners, 5th District (REP): Jeremy Root defeated David Hovis, 915 to 549.

• The Antrim Township Ambulance Millage Proposal was approved, 360 to 144.

• The Antrim Township Fire Department Millage Proposal was approved, 368 to 135.

• The Caledonia Township Public Transportation Millage was approved, 816 to 318.

• The city of Perry Special Millage Proposal was approved, 267 to 107.

• The Laingsburg Community Schools Sinking Fund Millage Renewal Proposal was approved, 521 to 278.

• The Community District Library Millage Renewal Proposition was approved, 3.324 to 1,983.

• The Owosso Township SATA Funding Proposal was approved, 869 to 377.

• The Pleasant View Shiawassee County Medical Care Facility Proposal was approved, 8,357 to 6,043.

• Durand Area Schools Bonding Proposal II was defeated, 1,544 to 975.

• Durand Area Schools Bonding Proposal I was, preliminarily, approved, but a recount/audit is currently underway. Shiawassee County voters approved the proposal, 1,299 to 1,266, but the proposal appears to have been defeated by Genesee County voters, 200 to 169. That leaves the preliminary vote total at 1,499 to 1,497 in favor of the proposal. The result of the audit is expected to be completed by the Board of Canvassers by Tuesday evening, Aug. 11.

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