THE SHIAWASSEE COUNTY Board of Commissioners convened on Thursday, Jan. 3 at the Surbeck Building in Corunna for the board’s annual organizational meeting. Clerk Caroline Wilson led the first part of the meeting, until the commissioners elected District 5 Commissioner Jeremy Root as board chairman for 2019. Commissioners Marlene Webster and John Plowman both turned down nominations to be considered for the chair position. The board approved Root’s election by a 6 to 1 vote, with Commissioner Webster casting the only dissenting vote.

   Commissioner Root conducted the second half of the meeting after taking his place in the chairman’s seat. Commissioner Brandon Marks was elected as vice chairman, after Commissioner Webster turned down a nomination to be considered, and the board again elected to use Robert’s Rules of Order as its organizational and procedural rules.

   District 3 Commissioner Gary Holzhausen will serve as the vice chairman of the Committee of the Whole, and the remaining Committee appointments for 2019, made by Chairman Root, are as follows:

   Finance & Administration: John Plowman, as chair, with John Horvath and Cindy Garber

   Economic & Physical Development: John Horvath, as chair, with Gary Holzhausen and Marlene Webster

   Health & Human Services: Cindy Garber, as chair, with Brandon Marks and Gary Holzhausen

   Public Safety & Courts: Marlene Webster, as chair, with John Plowman and John Horvath

   Shown during the Jan. 3 organizational meeting is (from left) District 4 Commissioner Brandon Marks, District 1 Commissioner Marlene Webster, District 7 Commissioner John Plowman, Chairman Root from District 5, District 2 Commissioner John Horvath, District 6 Commissioner Cindy Garber and District 3 Commissioner Gary Holzhausen.

(Independent Photo/Graham Sturgeon)

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