The Shiawassee County Community Mental Health Authority has announced a name change. Effective Monday, Jan. 1, the agency will change its name to Shiawassee Health & Wellness (SHW). The agency will remain an authority as approved by the Shiawasse County Board of Commissioners in 2004.

“Shiawassee Health & Wellness more accurately reflects what our agency is striving to promote in Shiawassee County, while it puts us in a better position to grow,” reported CEO Lindsey Hull. “We have known for a while that when a person is receiving behavioral health service, the mind cannot be treated in isolation. It is important to treat the whole person; the behavioral health needs, as well as physical health needs.”

Shiawassee Health & Wellness remains the designated Community Mental Health Services Program (CMHSP) with the responsibility of serving the specialty behavioral health needs for individuals in Shiawassee County.

“Our focus is on quality care, while providing an overall wellness approach that focuses on giving fully integrated health services,” Hull said. “Our agency remains dedicated to meeting the needs of our consumers in the ever-evolving healthcare industry.”

In addition to the name change, the agency has a new logo. A few years ago, a diverse group of people formed a committee to select a new logo. The reasoning behind the oak leaf is that it represents stability, dependability, teamwork, change, new beginnings and growth. The color green was chosen because it was believed to be calming, while it also signifies moving forward. The justification for the oak leaf and the color remains the same. However, the design was changed to add a new fresh look.

The mission for Shiawassee Health & Wellness is to improve the overall health and quality of life for the community and individuals by inspiring hope, supporting self-determined lives, encouraging recovery, promoting prevention and effectively integrating care.

Shiawassee Health & Wellness provides services and support to Shiawassee County residents who are adults and children with developmental disabilities, adults with serious mental illness, and children with serious emotional disturbances. For more information, call Shiawassee Health & Wellness at (989) 723-6791.

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