SENATOR Rick Jones and Rex Wheeler, owner/president of Wheeler Trucking are shown Monday at noontime in front of one of the many Wheeler Trucking semis.

Senator Jones is working with Rep. Ben Glardon, the Michigan State Police and Michigan Department of Transportation to address a problem that Wheeler Trucking has in Michigan delivering new semi trucks over the country using saddle mounts.

Senate Bill 274 would help Wheeler Trucking compete by making the state’s artificially short length on truck hauling more in line with federal regulations, it was stated.

Wheeler noted that his company now has 78 tractor trailers, but if the bill passes, they hope to have 300 by the year 2024. “Our goal is to keep jobs in Shiawassee County,” Wheeler said.

Rezoning for the company is moving through Shiawassee County procedures with the next step to be by the Board of Commissioners. (Independent Photo/MELISSA SHEPARD)

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