The City of Perry Events Committee is on a mission to decorate the city with scarecrows – about 42 of them to be exact, and that’s a lot of scarecrows.

  Anyone willing to help with return of Autumn Spirit (A Parade of Scarecrows), is invited to create a scarecrow to display on a light pole on Main Street throughout the city of Perry.

  Scarecrows must be made in good taste – and may not be vulgar or bloody/gory.

  Scarecrows must have some type of sign with the name of the creator, business or organization. Some clothing has been donated for making scarecrows.

  The city will provide corn stalks to decorate the light poles prior to hanging the scarecrows the first part of October. Volunteers are also needed for putting the corn stalks and scarecrows in place.

  To participate, please contact Perry Events Coordinator Dori Boertman at (517) 625-6155 ext. 235 or e-mail,

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