KELLY ROSSMAN-MCKINNEY, a candidate for Michigan Senate in the upcoming November election, met with residents for a relaxed, informal, coffee/breakfast event at Owosso’s O-Town Café on Saturday, Feb. 3. Rossman-McKinney, a Democrat, is running to replace term-limited Sen. Rick Jones, a Republican, in the 24th-District including Eaton, Clinton, and Shiawassee Counties, and a quadrant of Ingham County.

   Rossman-McKinney is retiring as CEO of Truscott Rossman, a Lansing-based public relations firm, to take on the senatorial campaign. “I’m in a place in my career and my life, where I can step up and run. I know I can do the right thing for the people of the 24th-District,” she shared. “Being a small business owner, and having been a single mom, I know exactly how hard making the tough decisions can be.”

   Rossman-McKinney, residing in Eaton County, is very familiar with downtown Owosso, having visited numerous times. As a candidate, she has made it a goal to directly “find out what people are concerned about,” by meeting the public in similar, open situations to discuss the legislature and related issues. Her objective is to have direct input from the individuals she plans to represent.

    “I’ve watched the legislature for a long time. I have seen an increase in partisan behavior on both sides,” she said, expressing the need to move beyond some of those limitations.

   Topics of discussion that arise include (but aren’t limited to) infrastructure, education, healthcare, and the environment: particularly protecting the Great Lakes, and legacy environmental issues such as the Wolverine World Wide contaminated drinking water federal suit.

   “The first piece of legislation I would like to see happen would be legislation that includes a price-tag. I would like every bill to show how much it will cost, who will pay for it, how much they will pay for it, and where the money is actually going to go,” Rossman-McKinney explained.

   Rossman-McKinney is shown (center) attentively listening to residents who joined in to share some thoughts they had at both the local level and in the legislature.

(Independent Photo/Karen Mead-Elford)

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