By Graham Sturgeon, staff writer

The Durand City Council voted during the June 15 meeting to allow Spartan Fencing to replace the perimeter fences for each of the two Optimist Park baseball fields. The fences, which protect spectators from errant baseballs traveling into the bleachers and seating areas, are in disrepair and could become dangerous if not replaced. City Manager Amy Roddy said during the meeting that the fences have been repaired as many times as is possible and that the only step left to be taken is to replace the fences. Spartan fencing will charge the city $7,000 total to replace the approximately 240 feet of fencing on each field.

The city has also talked about reconstructing the fields this year, but that project is not yet ready to proceed. The city has budgeted for the project and hopes to begin work as soon as the formal plan is in place.

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