By Graham Sturgeon, staff writer

NETWORKING AT NOON – Congressman John Moolenaar was the featured speaker for Shiawassee Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Networking at Noon on Tuesday, Nov. 24, at the Shiawassee Arts Center in Owosso.

Topics ranged from budgetary issues to foreign policy, as Rep. Moolenaar gave a report of his “first year on the job.” Moolenaar also spoke of his support for Presidential candidate Marco Rubio during the luncheon. (Independent Photo/GRAHAM STURGEON)

Congressman John Moolenaar says his first year in Congress has been devoted to issues of foreign policy, budget, agriculture and veterans benefits. He also spent roughly 15 minutes answering questions from the audience during the Tuesday, Nov. 24, Shiawassee Regional Chamber of Commerce Networking at Noon luncheon, held at the Shiawassee Arts Center in Owosso.

Rep. Moolenaar. R-Midland, gave his endorsement of Presidential candidate Marco Rubio during the event, but the hot-button issue of the day was foreign policy, and more specifically, the Syrian refugees who are seeking access to the U.S. Moolenaar spoke decisively on the issue, noting that Congress recently passed legislation to enhance the vetting process for immigrants and refugees.

“I supported the recent bi-partisan bill that slows down the vetting process for refugees,” Moolenaar said during the luncheon. “Because there is no database in Syria that tells us if these people are suspected of being terrorists, the FBI and Homeland Security need to work together to sign off on each person before they are allowed access.

“We are a compassionate country, but the truth is, there are people who have ill intentions who are using the refugee situation to infiltrate countries. We have to be vigilant in order to keep this country safe.”

Moolenaar also addressed his support of genetically-modified growing practices, saying he sees “the importance of a safe food supply” and that the “biotech industry needs to be regulated carefully.”

Rep. Moolenaar also spoke about his excitement for the future of House Speaker Paul Ryan. He also touted the recently passed budget that is supposed to balance the country’s budget “within 10 years.”

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