State Representative Ben Glardon has two bills moving through the legislative process. HB 4634 requires the Secretary of State to waive the late fee collected if the vehicle’s owner can present proof of storage insurance for the car valid during that time. This bill was recently passed by the state House on Feb. 16. “There are many drivers in Michigan only driving certain vehicles during just part of the year,” said Rep. Glardon, R-Owosso. “Vehicles that have not been driven on public roadways should not need to be registered while in storage. Waiving the late fee adds common sense and fairness to the registration renewal process.”

HB 4455 requires MDOT to adopt a “federally compliant and risk-based inspection plan” for all bridges under its jurisdiction and was recently passed unanimously by the Senate on Feb. 9 and now waits to be signed by the governor. “MDOT should focus its inspection program on the state’s most dangerous bridges to help ensure the department is using its time wisely to best protect Michigan residents,” Rep. Glardon said. “This bill gives them the chance to spend needed time on bridges that require the attention.”

HB 4455 would have MDOT focus inspections on “at risk” bridges and avoid wasting time and effort on bridges that are in excellent condition or were recently constructed. The change was recommended by the state Auditor General after its recent review of MDOT’s Bridge Inspection Program.

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