As you may already have guessed, the recycling drive in Laingsburg cannot take place in May. Not much of anything will take place in May now. We’ve got our hopes up for resuming in June, but no promises, so for updates on our plans and more information on recycling and waste reduction, please check local papers and the “Greater Laingsburg Recyclers” social media page. COVID-19 has turned our world topsy-turvy, but with patience and grace we will get through this.

   Last month we told you about the EGLE grant we’re pursuing in hopes of creating a permanent recycling facility in Laingsburg that would be available to one and all. Partnering with the city of Laingsburg and Laingsburg schools (the facility would be situated on school property), we see the facility becoming the model for providing waste reduction and recycling services and education in rural communities.

   The matching funds needed for the grant application were generously pledged by Shiawassee County, the city of Laingsburg, Clinton County, Woodhull Twp., Victor Twp. and the GLR. Letters of support from the LBCA, several townships, the Scenic Lake Association and some Laingsburg churches were also much appreciated. If our grant application is successful, we will continue to pursue financial assistance for ongoing operational costs as needed, as well as additional volunteers to help staff the site. Now we must wait for the decision – until at least late July. Wish us luck!

   The temporary shutdown of so many recycling facilities makes this a good time to practice the 3Rs. Remember, recycling should be the last environmentally-minded option for getting rid of your solid waste. So, fire up your imagination. Do you really need that new gizmo? Maybe the old one can be repaired, or you can make one! It’s possible a good used version could be found online or borrowed from a friend. Libraries are starting to lend more than books; tools, games, artwork and much more can often be found there now for free! When all of those options fail, then recycling is definitely the way to go.

   And don’t forget to pre-cycle: avoid buying single-use plastics and items encased in non-recyclable packaging in the first place. But don’t let it overwhelm you. Take it one step, one day at a time.

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