The Owosso Parks and Recreation Commission has received a series of potential activities for the February 2016 “Plunge for the Parks” fundraiser. Included are: *SNOWBALL TOSS – Cut several holes into a flat piece of plywood. If real snow covers the ground, have carnival guests make snowballs and toss them into the holes. If real snow is not available, cover foam balls with glue and silver glitter to represent snowballs. Award successful players with candy or small plastic toys.

*SNOW PAINTING – Make snow paint. Simply add food coloring to water and put in a spray bottle, then go out and paint your yard! *BUILD AN IGLOO – Kids can use a shovel or their hands to build them. Can have buckets to scoop snow too. *BIGGEST SNOWBALL –Who can build the biggest snowball contest. *PLAY WINTER “HORSESHOES” – Bury a wide-mouthed water bottle in the snow so that the mouth is flush with the snow’s surface, then gather sticks or small stones to toss into it from a few yards back. You can create your own version with a can or bowl in a backyard or park.

*SNOW BASEBALL – Set up a baseball diamond with a mound of snow representing home plate and first, second and third bases. Place an empty water bottle on the top of each mound. The pitcher stands in the middle of the diamond and hurls snowballs first at home plate, then around the bases. Whoever knocks down the bottles with the fewest pitches wins.

*ROPE SNOW TUG – Have you ever tried “Tug of War” in the snow? Team up for a slip-sliding variation of tug-of-war. Tamp down a wide, shallow trench in the snow to serve as the mid line. Then, take up positions at the ends of a long, thick rope and let the tugging and towing begin. Whichever team pulls the entire opposing group over to its side of the trench wins.

*HULA HOOP CHALLENGE! *Have you ever tried using “Hula Hoops” all bundled up in winter clothing? Have a contest to see who can last the longest!

*SNOWMAN HAT TRICK – Build a plump, snowman in the yard/playfield. Make a game of taking turns trying to land a hat on his head by throwing it Frisbee style from 10 or so feet away.

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