POKEMON GO, a free-to-play mobile device game that allows players to capture, train, and even battle virtual Pokémon creatures appearing on device screens in real world settings, inspired hundreds of area people over the past week to visit downtown Owosso. Business owners encouraged the activity by setting Pokémon bait throughout the downtown area over the weekend so that game players could capture the elusive creatures on their smart phones. Some Pokémon are more rare than others including Vaporeon and Gyarados. There are over a hundred types available for capture. Pikachu, a species sort of resembling chubby, yellow mice with red cheeks, are a popular type of Pokémon and several were found in downtown Owosso.

Clay Scollon (far right), 14-years-old and from Owosso, was downtown for a couple hours each day over the weekend, just enjoying playing the game and being in the fresh air. “It gets you up and going and gives you something you can do outside,” he shared. Clay had captured a Pokémon Eevee in an undisclosed store.

Jimmy Avitts was also in Owosso playing Pokémon Go along with his two-year-old daughter, Mika (center). Avitts is from Flint but has family in the area that had clued him into the activity. He has been a fan of the Pokémon genre since he was in sixth grade. “We ran into a small Snorlax earlier,” he stated. A Snorlax is a large, bipedal, bluish creature with a round belly. (Independent Photos/Karen Mead-Elford)

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