HARRISON HENSLEY participated in the Pfc. Shane Cantu 5K race in Owosso for his second time on Sunday, Aug. 26. Hensley, an 86-year-old Air Force veteran who lives south of Pinckney, ran 113 5K races in 2017. He has ran 59 races so far this year, claiming he is actually “behind” in 2018 because he took a vacation.

   “Sometimes I don’t feel good, but I go anyway because it is what is keeping me alive,” shared Hensley on participating in the races. “It’s also my social time. I’ve been doing it since 1978.”

   Hensley, who has lived most of his life in Michigan, participates in races in both Michigan and Ohio. He has also been an American Legion member for 66 years, following his service in the Air Force beginning in 1952.

   Commenting on the Sunday race, Hensley stated, “I enjoyed it. It was a memorial and I understand what veterans go through after you raise your right hand and take one step forward. I know what that means when you put your life in some politician’s hands.”

   On staying fit, Hensley said, “Stress will ruin you. You have to have an avenue to get rid of stress. That avenue is exercise.” He does utilize supplements and vitamins, along with maintaining a healthy diet plan, all “to stay vertical.”

(Courtesy Photo)

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