THE PERRY Fire Department staff and John and Wilma Snyder of Perry are shown here in front of the new ventilation fan that was purchased with a donation from the Snyder’s.

(Courtesy Photo)


  Last August, the Perry Fire Department received a call from an alarm company for a local couple, the Snyder’s. The Snyder’s had no idea that the call was made from their alarm system to the station. Perry Fire responded and realized that the home’s generator had kicked on and was too close to the basement window and was emitting carbon dioxide fumes into the home. Perry Fire used their gas-powered ventilation fan to try and rid the house of the carbon dioxide. The Snyder’s asked how well the ventilation fan worked, seeing as though it also emits carbon dioxide into the air. This led to the Snyder’s telling the firefighters that they would like to donate the money for the department to buy an electric ventilation fan. The Snyder’s moved their generator and put a barrier up by their basement window to prevent this from happening again.

  After a lot of research, Perry Fire decided on the best suited ventilation fan. They purchased a Super Vac, powered by Milwaukee batteries. This unit is a lot lighter than the previous one, is on wheels and will run one hour on a charge.

  The donation check was presented to Perry Fire Department on Sunday, Feb. 11 to cover the cost for the ventilation fan.

  Brian Pfeifle, Assistant Chief of the Perry Fire Department stated, “This new ventilation fan is a lot safer. It doesn’t emit carbon dioxide, it’s lighter, which is better for the health and safety of our firefighters. It’s also newer, the technology has improved and it’s much quieter. It will be a lot more effective. We are so appreciative to the Snyder’s and thankful for their donation.”

  Pfiefle added that they would love to buy another unit for the Perry Fire Engine No. 2 in Morrice, but they don’t have the funds. The Perry Fire millage covers most of our needs, but in order for us to upgrade equipment like this, we need more. Currently, the department is applying for grants for a new ventilation system for Perry Fire Stations 3 and 4 in Durand. He also added that there are no groups to lobby for donations for the Perry Fire Department and that it would be great if one was started.

  After the August incident, Wilma Snyder showed up at the Perry Fire Department with homemade cookies and a thank you card with a photo of their dog that said, “Thank you for saving my humans.” 

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