The Pathways Adult Education Program at Baker College recently announced that John Bingen, Chelsea Chase, Shanna Coderre, Katrina Hall, Sky Poage, Gibran Stringfellow, and Andrew Wright completed their high school requirements and received a diploma from Owosso or Corunna Public Schools during the 2015-16 year.

Eleven students including John Bingen, Kevin Blair, Nelson Call, Jodi Campbell, Vivian Costello, Amanda Foster, Robert Fowler, Casey Jacobs, Amber Menning, Amy Pennell, and Sara Starkweather, completed the high school equivalency certificate (GED).

The National Adult Education Society pays tribute to these students that are dependable in attendance, cooperation, and work ethic. Having distinguished themselves in the Adult Education Program, Vivian Costello, Amanda Foster, Katrina Hall, Kelsey Lott, Leonard Moffit, and Andrew Wright were inducted into the Honor Society at the Pathways Awards’ Ceremony on Tuesday, June 7 at Baker College in Owosso.

Seventy-five students, family, friends, and staff were in attendance as Pathways’ students received awards as a tribute to the following traits: Jarid Bedell (hard-working behavior), John Bingen (industriousness), Holli Birge (flexibility), Kevin Blair (open-minded attitude), James Byce (dependability), Nelson Call (good nature), Jodi Campbell (dedication), Chelsea Chase (perceptiveness), Shanna Coderre (efficiency), Vivian Costello (independence), Ginger Flanner (never giving up), Amanda Foster (determination), Robert Fowler (ambitiousness), Sarah Haling (organization), Katrina Hall (consistency), Melisa Hatch (personal growth), Casey Jacobs (graciousness), Kelsey Lott (positive spirit), Eve Martiniz (cooperation), Tracy McClain (professionalism), Amber Menning (sensibility), Leonard Moffit (focus), Christina Palmer (encouragement), Amy Pennell (competence), Sky Poage (well-spoken), Paula Powell (persistence), Michael Sanderson (pleasantness), Sara Somers (sincerity), Sara Starkweather (level-headedness), Gibran Stringfellow (optimism), Nicholas Willis (congeniality), and Andrew Wright (self-discipline).

Wednesday, Aug. 15 and every second Tuesday of the month, there is a one hour workshop for people interested in obtaining their GED and those interested in enrolling in Pathways Adult Education. Call (989) 729-3615 or email for more information about the program. The staff will answer voicemail and email periodically throughout the summer. School will resume Monday, Aug. 28.

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