BAKER JILL DAVIS is shown with her baking partner for the week, Kristi Descher, during the Monday, Sept. 26 episode of Halloween Baking Championship on Food Network. The duo took top for their haunted maze cake design.

(Courtesy Photo/Food Network)


  The Food Network’s “Halloween Baking Championship” aired its third, exciting episode on Monday, Sept. 26 and Owosso’s Jill Davis continued to impress, following nearly being booted – or sent to the “13th floor” – in the second episode. 

   Jill Davis, a baker/business owner, wife and mother of two small children, was one of twelve bakers from across the nation accepted into the eighth season competition, which started in mid-September. Davis owns Drizzle Cakes and Bakes of Owosso, a home-based business often found at the Owosso Farmers Market or sometimes at A Woman’s Work Shop on Main Street in Westown. Heading into episode three, ten competitors remained.

   The third episode of Halloween Baking Championship paired Davis with Kristi Descher, a California chef. The two created a hedge maze cake in a haunted hedge maze challenge, which was selected by judges as top – advancing them to episode four to air Monday, Oct. 3. The haunted maze challenge veered away from the typical two-challenge process faced by competitors in the show. The partnership set-up meant that two bakers were eliminated during the big challenge – but Davis and Descher were top among contenders.

   In discussing her partner, Davis shared, “Initially, I was a little nervous to work with Kristi. She’s an absolute perfectionist and I’m a little more fluid in my process. It turned out to be a perfect match, however. Playing off both of our skills was exactly the recipe we needed for success. Not to mention, we were the only two moms in the group, so you know, we had our teamwork and multi-tasking points. I could not have asked for a better partner!”

   The Sideline Sports Bar and restaurant in Owosso, owned by Ricardo and Nicole Reyna, hosted a watch party for Davis last Monday. The Sideline is located on S. Washington Street. Davis was thankful for the support from the large crowd of attendees.

   “The Sideline event was just so fun! Ric and Nicole were so gracious to give up their valuable time off for us and went above and beyond,” Davis stated. “It was great to connect with people in the community that I haven’t met before, as well. The support and energy from the night was more than I expected and I couldn’t be more grateful for everyone that came out!”

  Regarding Monday’s show, the celebrity judges gave the Davis and Descher team mostly positive feedback. Their maze cake design was both creepy, fun – and disturbingly realistic – which is the whole idea.

   The next episode will see the remaining contenders creating “smashable” desserts with a hidden surprise tucked inside.

   “Winning a challenge is definitely a confidence boost, but it’s also a bit of a double edged sword,” shared Davis. “With a victory, comes the pressure of living up to being on top and it’s very easy to overthink things because of that. Every challenge is something to test you in a completely different way, so here’s hoping I can take what I’ve learned so far and stay off the 13th floor!”

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