ROBERT DORAN-BROCKWAY, former executive director of the Owosso Historical Commission (OHC), recently accepted a new position with the Old Town Commercial Association in Lansing.

   Doran-Brockway is shown inside Curwood Castle with his dog, Gizmo.

(Courtesy Photo)


   Robert Doran-Brockway is excited to announce his new position as the Old Town Commercial Association Executive Director in Lansing’s Old Town – a district representing Lansing’s original downtown district including a number of art galleries, boutiques, restaurants and other attractions.

   Robert still resides in Owosso and has no plans to leave, having a strong connection to the Shiawassee County community. Many in the county will recall Doran-Brockway’s previous position as executive director of the Owosso Historical Commission (OHC). In that position,

Doran-Brockway and his team were involved in numerous accomplishments. He recently shared a few he was most proud of, offering that he has formed meaningful relationships in Owosso – both friends and family – that he regularly enjoys today.

   Some accomplishments Doran-Brockway highlighted included an increase of OHC giving by 400-percent, an increase in museum attendance by 300-percent, the activation and place-making of two formerly closed museums (the Comstock Pioneer Cabin and the Woodard Paymaster Building) and the passage of a half million dollar millage toward capital improvements for Owosso’s museums and parks.

   Doran-Brockway also partnered in creating the 10-week music, arts and farmers market festival “Castle Nights,” assisted with the annual execution of high profile historic exhibitions including “Made in Owosso” – a 12-week exhibition involving all four museums in Curwood Castle Park, oversaw major museum renovations/restorations and also the $40,000 restoration of 14 oil paintings in Curwood Castle. Under Doran-Brockway, a 501(c)3 nonprofit was created as Castle City Museums/The Owosso Historical Collection.

   He has also volunteered and served on several local boards such as the Downtown Owosso Farmers Market, the Shiawassee Convention and Visitors Bureau, Owosso Main Street, the Cook Family Foundation Executive Director Capacity Building Program, the Owosso Amphitheater, St. John’s food pantry, the Shiawassee Arts Center and Owosso PFLAG.

   Doran-Brockway offered, “I am thrilled and excited to bring my extensive life experience and everything I learned in Owosso to the established, high-profile Old Town Lansing Main Street Community.”

   Regarding his new position as the Old Town Commercial Association Executive Director, he is already working to immerse himself in the Old Town culture, making new relationships, formulating revitalization efforts through grants and beautification projects, organizing to plan a diverse assortment of festivals and events, involving himself in advocacy, place-making and communication goals and more.

   Old Town is one of several Lansing area districts. It has long been part of the National Main Street Program, in which Doran-Brockway will now also work as a Main Street Director. The Main Street Program targets professional development training to equip downtown commercial district leaders. In 2011, Old Town was honored with the Great American Main Street Award and has since become a model for others; a legacy Doran-Brockway is looking forward to carrying on.

   “I am really honored,” Doran-Brockway said. “I am very excited to be part of the Main Street family and be involved in Old Town.”

   “We are excited to have Robert join us,” said Old Town Board Director Ben Dowd. “And bring his many years of experience with historic districts and economic development into our neighborhood. We are excited to have him connecting to our businesses and neighborhoods to ensure the continuing success of Old Town.”

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