THE SPLASH PAD at Owosso’s Bentley Park has been an overwhelmingly popular destination during the summer heat, particularly for small children. The Owosso Splash Pad has been used virtually nonstop on intense summer afternoons and early evenings, offering a pleasant escape from the high temperatures.

   Cassie Munsell is shown on Monday, July 9 with her two young children, Ruger and Remington. Ruger (left) who is just 3-and-1/2 years old, was born with a monumental heart defect. Eight weeks ago, Ruger underwent his third heart surgery, but in typical kid fashion, he has not let much hold him back and was thrilled to experience the splash pad and enjoy the play area at the park, prior to his follow-up appointment at U of M the following day.

   Munsell is originally from the area but had returned to visit her mother before Ruger’s return to the specialist. After playing in the water, followed by a brief warm-up period, Ruger was off to make friends and climb to the top of the slide. Remington was content with the swings. 

(Independent Photo/Karen Mead-Elord)

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