Owosso PC and Electronics will be holding its annual public electronics recycle on Saturday, Dec. 26 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. This event is free to all members of the community and is not limited to Shiawassee County residents. This event allows for the safe disposal of all waste electronics, keeping them from our landfills. Hard drives and data-bearing items will be destroyed on-site before being moved to Owosso PC and Electronics’ processors.

   Accepted items include old appliances, unused/unwanted/old/broken computers, laptops, cell phones, tablets and flat screen televisions, power cords, Christmas lights and lead and lithium batteries.

   Generally, all electronics will be accepted, with the only exception being that this year Owosso PC and Electronics cannot take CRT (TUBE TVs) because of limitations imposed by the company’s processors.

   In an effort to maintain social distancing, the business will be closed during those hours, and no participants will be allowed inside. Please pull in the front entrance and leave items in the areas pre-labeled for each category.

   Please, only one family out of the vehicle at a time, with exception of parties who use two vehicles to participate but living in the same home.

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