SHOWN AT the Shiawassee County Fairgrounds after winning the Region B Reserve Champions on Sunday, Oct. 1, are (left to right): Sami Jo Sovis, Assistant Coach; Gracie Meyer, Tayloe Spielman, Dylan Pauldine, Evelyn Harrand, Barett Yoho, Hannah Hart, Karley VanWormer, Assistant Coach and Sydney Cairns, Head Coach.  

(Courtesy Photo)


  The Owosso Equestrian Team secured the Region B, Division B Reserve Champions on Sunday, Oct. 1, after coming from behind to take the trophy. This is in addition to being the District 11, Division B District Champions. They are now slated to compete at the Michigan Interscholastic Horsemanship Association (MIHA) State Championship for the second consecutive year. With large class sizes and tough competition, all six riders and horses were consistently in the top 10, contributing to the win.

  Junior Hannah Hart with Special stood out with a 1st place in Western Bareback, and a 2nd in Western Equitation. Hannah also scored in Western and Hunt Seat Fitting and Showing, Hunt Seat Equitation and Hunt Seat Bareback.

  Sophomore Evelyn Harrand and her partner Gunnar rocked Saddle Seat Equitation with two 2nd places. Evelyn also contributed Saddle Seat Fitting and Showing, Saddle Seat Pattern, Western Equitation, Western Bareback and Western Ranch Riding.

  Sophomore Gracie Meyer and Madea continued to be strong in the saddle with four 2nds in Hunt Seat Equitation, Western Equitation and Western Bareback. Gracie also scored in Western Fitting and Showing, Hunt Seat Bareback, Western Ranch Riding and Trail.

  Sophomore Tayloe Spielman and Jesse James showed everyone how it’s done in Saddle Seat with two 1st places in Saddle Seat Bareback and another 1st in Saddle Seat Pattern. Additionally, they scored a 2nd place in Saddle Seat Pattern and scored in Saddle Seat Fitting and Showing and Saddle Seat Equitation. Tayloe and Kid Surreal placed 2nd in Hunt Seat Equitation. Tayloe and Kid also scored in Hunt Seat Bareback and Western Bareback.

  Sophomore Barett Yoho with Cooper swept Hunt Seat Fitting and Showing with two 1st places and scored a 2nd in Western Fitting and Showing. Additionally, Cooper helped him secure a 1st and a 2nd in Trail and scored in Hunt Seat Equitation and Bareback. Barett continues to be a strong contributor in speed and action with Foxy, with high placings in Timed Event and Cloverleaf.

  Freshman Dylan Pauldine and Firefly contributed to the district championship point total and Dylan and Elle teamed up with Barett and Foxy to place 1st and 4th in the Two Person Relay. Dylan and Elle also contributed in Cloverleaf and Timed Event.

  The MIHA State Championship is where the “best of the best” teams compete in the culmination of their season all vying for the Michigan championship trophy for their division. The state championship is made up of the top two teams in each division from each of the five regions. These teams have proved themselves at the District meets and their Regional competition. The state championship is held Oct. 11-15, at the Midland County Fairgrounds, 6905 Eastman Ave., Midland. Both arenas will be streamed live online. Watch the action using the following link to access the live stream and the schedule:

  Owosso Equestrian is also collecting local sponsorships and is looking forward to selling apparel, so fans can show their support. Follow along with all the details by “liking” Owosso Equestrian Team on Facebook. 

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