THE OWOSSO HIGH SCHOOL Student Council invited Rep. Ben Frederick to a meeting Friday, March 16 to hold an open discussion in response to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School tragedy in Florida on Feb. 14. OPS students had recently honored victims of the tragedy by participating in National Walkout Day on Wednesday, March 14. However, the OHS council, along with OPS staff members, had actively pursued positive alternatives for students to be involved with other than traditional protests. One method of engaging students inclu ded kids offering 17 solutions: one each for every life lost in Florida, to make a positive impact on student lives. Many of those solutions were posted in halls at the high school.

   “I’m mostly hear to just listen,” Frederick stated to council members. He meant it, though he was open to responding and answering questions, as well.

   Gathered for the meeting were (starting center front and continuing left around the table) secretary Olivia Bernard, intern Cayden Whiteherse, student rep. Adeline DeWeese, public relations Lucille Popovitch, social director Tabitha Elliott, co-president Dustin Taphouse, Rep. Frederick, co-president Andrew Pond, student gov. advisor Kristen Bratschi, student gov. advisor Jackie Burzmor, and vice president Morgan Hebekeuser.

   Topics of conversation included creating a more proactive and positive environment, acknowledging fears students have related to safety, bullying, mental health, do students have someone reliable to go to, and more. One major concern that was voiced was in relation to the glass windows in classroom doors.

   Frederick showed his appreciation for the council and their input, sharing he was pleased to be part of such a “respectful conversation. We should all equally care about the safety of our students.”

(Independent Photo/Karen Mead-Elford)

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