HELPING – In May, the Owosso High School Key Club organized a fundraiser called Shiawassee Veterans Sky Lantern Launch and profits were designated to support the newly-formed Shiawassee Region Veterans Council. The council can now receive donations and be placed in their checking account. “Key Club raised $1,215 and we delivered the check to Tom Wetzel, council President, on July 28. The Key Club wants to thank our community for supporting our worthwhile project,” said Dave Shepard.

Gathered were (from left): Dave Shepard, Kiwanis member; Tom Wetzel, Council President; Gabe Gaskin, Key Club; Maria Doerfner, Key Club Vice President; Mary Basso, Key Club President; Randy Dorff, Key Club; Nathan Yerian, Kiwanis Adviser; and Ron Nizinski faculty adviser for Key Club.

This is an update on the newly-formed Council the public should be aware of. A May 18, 2015 meeting concluded months of organizational efforts with the creation and acceptance of by-laws and a constitution for the newly-formed Shiawassee Region Veterans Council. The current membership consists of 14 Congressionally Chartered Veterans Service Organizations representing approximately 3,000 regional veterans and their families.

The purpose of the council is Veterans Advocacy by seeking, providing, promoting, and performing such acts and services to enhance the image and awareness of active duty service members, veterans and dependents. The council will coordinate activities of the member veteran organizations in the region; thereby avoiding conflicts of dates, interests, activities etc. The Council will also provide veteran services and projects as approved by its members. The council will not be doing fundraisers and will rely on public donations. (Courtesy Photo)

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