THE RESULTS OF A RECENT SURVEY involving the Ovid-Elsie Area Schools mascot were mostly determined by online voting. Of the 1,251 responses with 1,165 of that total being digital, it was decided that the “legacy” version of the Marauder mascot (left) is the official mascot for Ovid-Elsie.

   The school system has been working toward creating consistent branded marketing/identification for several years. It was decided to try to eliminate mascot confusion, since there were at least 37 various versions of the Marauder image within the school system, by narrowing it down to one, easily-recognized Marauder that will – going forward – be utilized wherever required.

   Dr. Ryan Cunningham, superintendent, shared, “Our goal from the beginning was to standardize our branding and imaging. Previously, we established out pantone colors, the Block OE, the Globe OE, and then we began looking at the mascot. Regardless of the outcome, we knew that moving forward, we would land on one option and that is what we will use on all apparel, signage, etc.”

   The deadline for the survey was Friday, Feb. 9. Included in the breakdown of voting responses were 565 students, 493 alums, 190 parents, 950 district resident responses, 385 district resident (non-student) responses, and 103 staff members. Three images were offered to participants with 46 percent voting for option one, seven percent voting for option 2, and 47 percent voting in support of option 3.

(Courtesy Graphic)

Official mascot for Ovid-Elsie was last modified: March 5th, 2018 by Karen Elford