A RIBBON CUTTING was held Wednesday, Nov. 24 to introduce the new SET SEG Family Healthcare Center at Corunna Public Schools to the community. The current plan is to have it open for Corunna Public School employees and their families.

(Independent Photo/Melissa Shepard)


  This past month, the Corunna Public Schools Board approved the opening of a SET SEG Family Healthcare Center facility on school grounds, that will be open and running in 2022. SET SEG is a nonprofit company, founded in 1971, that offers schools comprehensive and affordable employee benefit solutions for Michigan public schools and their employees.

  The goal is to provide a better medical experience for the employees; the long-term goal is to lower claims, which will ultimately lower premiums.

  Superintendent John Fattal saw a presentation about four years ago for a SET SEG Family Healthcare Center and he brought the idea home to the Board. He did a site visit to the Lansing facility and then they started discussing it in 2019.

  SET SEG and CPS are splitting the cost for construction on the new facility, but the room will belong to Corunna. The current plan is to be available to Corunna employees and their families (spouse and dependents), but the board will have control to possibly open it up to others in the community if more members are needed (need between 200-250 members) to get most significant ROI. All employees who have privileges to use the facility can use any of the SET SEG facilities, including SET SEG Family Healthcare, 7402 Westshire Dr., Lansing, MI 48917, (x-ray machine, mental health professionals). Same-day or next-day appointments will be available during the school day. The plan will be to open slowly and start with perhaps two days a week (Wednesday and Thursday) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If the doctor refers a patient to a specialist, it can be to any specialist; the center will not be affiliated exclusively with any hospital.

  There will be two full-time employees on staff, Angela Arsenault, Nurse Practitioner and Jessica Guyton, Health Center Manager/Medical Assistant. Appointments can be made at the facility, by phone (989) 743-1506, and there will also be an app where appointments can be made.

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