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  The 2nd Chance Wood Company has finally found a new home after searching throughout Shiawassee County for the past 3.5 years. On Thursday, Jan. 2, the family owned and operated business moved from 7505 E. M-71 near Vernon to E. Vinewood Street in Durand. Founded in 2010 by Tadd Morris, a member of the Corunna High School Class of 1984, the company had long outgrown its space on M-71, and by increasing its workspace from roughly 30,000 square feet to 54,000 square feet, Morris and his 16 current employees are looking forward to continuing to grow. The additional space will allow 2nd Chance Wood to offer additional services, and Morris plans to hire up to 20 new employees to handle the workload.

   The 2nd Chance Wood Company team moved much of the inventory, equipment and materials to the new site themselves, a process which has been ongoing for the past couple months. Much of the workshop and equipment has been set up, but the showroom is still a work in progress, according to Morris. That is to be expected considering the state of the building, which sat vacant for the past two years after serving as a warehouse prior to that.

   With nearly twice the square-footage to work with, Morris is able to create additional departments, such as finishing, shipping and receiving and training, and it has allowed the team to engineer the flow of the design center to suit their needs. And with the popularity of industrial-style  furniture, some of the extra space will be dedicated to creating metal components for 2nd Chance Wood’s wood-top tables, work that previously had to be contracted out.

   The additional employees will also have the effect of freeing up the more skilled craftsmen to create their masterpieces rather than helping with menial tasks, a common occurrence that was the result of the company’s consistently increasing business combined with a lack of space to expand.

   The 2nd Chance Wood Company’s areas of expertise include residential, commercial, retail, feng shui and green design. The company offers in-home, on-site consulting, and their woodworking services include two-part epoxy pouring; planing, edging or straight-lining boards; spray lacquer; re-sawing and stump slicing; and furniture refreshing. Some of the items produced by 2nd Chance Wood include wall décor, flooring, countertops and any type of furniture imaginable.

   Morris shared that approximately 70 percent of his company’s business is furniture construction, with about 30 percent coming from wood sales. And interestingly enough, the 2nd Chance Wood Company takes on an average of five restaurant jobs every month, which entails anything from creating seating and tables to countertops of all kinds and even decorative pieces. A number of local businesses have enlisted the local company for this purpose, including Roma’s Back Door, Jumbo’s Burgers and Brew, Rivals Taphouse & Grille, Lula’s Louisiana Cookhouse, Fortune House and Sosumi Sushi.

   The new 2nd Chance Wood Company design center and showroom is now open to the public at 121 E. Vinewood St. in Durand, which is located west of S. Oak Street. To find out more about the company’s services, visit 2ndchancewood.com.

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