THE THREE candidates vying for the 2023 Mr. Owosso title are shown here at the Mr. Owosso Kick-Off held Friday, May 12, from left: Dallas Linter, Gerald Alcorn and Casey Lambert.

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  The Mr. Owosso Kick-Off was held Friday, May 12 and three candidates will be vying for the 2023 title.

  Gerald Acorn is running for the Marine Reserves’ Toys for Tots Program. As a Marine Corps veteran, I’ve been proud to donate my time, talent and treasure to this initiative for 40 years. With every donation you make to my campaign, you can be assured that here in Shiawassee County, 100% of it will go towards toys being collected and distributed by unpaid volunteers. That is two reasons this has remained a great cause that is near to my heart. I firmly believe that if our children don’t have a future, then no one does. Toys for Tots is a real nonprofit at the local level, we have no overhead and all of our volunteers (elves) give of their time, talent and treasure to support this program.

   Dallas Lintner is running for the Shiawassee Family YMCA. Dallas relocated to Owosso in 2000 to begin teaching and coaching at Owosso High School. He has been a proud YMCA member and supporter for the past four years and his wife, Jen is the Senior Program Director. His appreciation for the YMCA comes from the fact that it is more than a gym, it’s an outlet for families to engage with each other in wholesome ways and a strong bonding organization in our community providing outreach and support. 

  All proceeds from the three-week campaign will benefit the Shiawassee Family YMCA Financial Assistance Program. The program’s purpose is to break down financial barriers so that kids can achieve a healthy lifestyle through enriching and engaging activities with their peers. With your support, everyone can have access to these opportunities.

  Casey Lambert, AKA DJ Chewy is a 9-year resident of Owosso. He initially moved to the town as it was a regional midpoint for his traveling job and at 24 years old, a great place to start his life. He quickly fell in love with the people of the town and decided to set down roots.

   Casey is quite the community minded person, so just setting down roots wasn’t enough, he had to get involved. Over the last almost decade, he’s had his hand in a plethora of organizations and can be seen and heard all around the county. He’s lended his personal image to causes ranging from the amphitheater, the Curwood Festival, Owosso Pride, the Lebowski Center, the Chamber of Commerce, the Memorial Health Care Foundation and many more.

  His personal accomplishments also bring great pride to the community. Casey is a 2-time Michigan DJ Olympic Champion, a 2-time Guinness World Record holder and a 3-time CAN-USA weightlifting Champion.  

  In his professional life, Casey has worked his way up from being a stock boy at Home Depot to now steering the ship as the Sales & Marketing Director at AZEE Branding Solutions where he continues to help others build their brands and bolster their businesses.

  Casey chose to run for Mr. Owosso as the representative of The Arc Mid-Michigan this year as their cause is near and dear to his heart. Having spent his upbringing with friends and family members with developmental disabilities and their caretakers, Casey understands the value of programs and fundings for these kindhearted and loving people all the way through adulthood. In many circumstances, the developmentally disabled age out of programs once they reach adulthood and the Arc is one of the few organizations who ensure they can be taken care of.

  The Arc is supported 100% by fundraising and grant money as they receive no federal or state funding, so the Mr. Owosso contest is a big part of their work.

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