CONGRESSMAN John Moolenaar spent an hour on Monday, Oct. 15 at Morrice High School, where he spoke with students and answered questions. Congressman Moolenaar began by briefly explaining the structure and roles of the U.S. House of Representatives, he detailed his particular role as a U.S. Congressman, and he shared that he decided to enter the world of politics because he wanted to make a difference, sharing that “helping people and serving my country” have been the most fulfilling parts of his time in politics. He then spent the rest of the hour answering questions from the students on a number of different subjects.

  Congressman Moolenaar sits on the House Appropriations Committee and three subcommittees. Congressman Moolenaar shared on Oct. 15 that, if re-elected on Nov. 6, he will continue to focus on securing funds to protect the Great Lakes, ensuring the addition of a new lock at the Soo Locks and improving the situation for veterans. Also high on Congressman Moolenaar’s list of post-election priorities is tax and regulatory reform, wrapping up the 2019 Budget to avoid a government shutdown, continuing the fight against opioid abuse, ensuring rural broadband access throughout Michigan’s 4th Congressional District, and immigration reform and border security.

  In responding to questions from students, Moolenaar shared that he supports the new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, which he called a “real win for the state’s agricultural and auto industries.” He also expressed his support for the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, though he noted that he was less enthusiastic about the conformation process.

  When asked about the 2nd Amendment and school security, Moolenaar said that, “As a parent, it is important to protect our 2nd Amendment, while at the same time protecting our children and schools.” He would not support nationwide “cookie-cutter” legislation requiring teachers to carry guns. Instead he stressed the importance of school systems working with local law enforcement to create and implement school safety plans, and he also noted that improving the national database is important in preventing access to those who should not be allowed to possess firearms.

(Independent Photo/Graham Sturgeon)

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