JOHN YAGER and his wife, Chris, can be seen holding their oversized check from the Michigan Lottery after winning the Fantasy 5 drawing on Friday, July 28. John purchased his ticket from the Shell gas station in Durand, and his winning numbers were 08, 11, 16, 21, and 28. His winnings amount to $390,422.

John, who says he plays the lottery only “once or twice a month,” initially planned on purchasing only a Mega Millions ticket during his stop at the gas station. The well-trained clerk then asked John if there was anything else he would like to purchase, and he acquiesced by asking for a Fantasy 5 ticket.

Both John and Chris were surprised by the news of winning nearly $400,000. Chris thought her husband was having a heart attack, as she recalls John being “white as a ghost” when he told her he had won. The news caught John off guard as well. Upon checking the Michigan Lottery webpage, he initially thought he had won $100,000. Upon closer examination, he realized his jackpot actually amounted to $390,422, which is “more than I ever expected to win.”

John is employed in the Burton area, and he has no plans to retire in the near future. The couple plans to invest most of their winnings for their retirement, and they will also take a Michigan vacation sometime in the near future.

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