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    In late 2019, Memorial Healthcare broke ground on a new $40 million 115,000 square foot patient-centered Neurology, Orthopedic and Wellness center. The new facility, referred to as the NOW Building, is tentatively scheduled to open in spring 2022 providing access to world-class specialty providers, rehabilitation services, an outpatient and specialty pharmacy. The NOW Building will also offer the community the opportunity to join a medically-based wellness center. 

   The new four-story building is comprised of structural steel with stone-clad, heavy timber columns supporting both the entrance canopy and the northeast corner canopy. Major site work includes a 4-phase renovation of the existing parking lot to accommodate the hospital’s expansion, and a bridge connector was recently constructed between Memorial Healthcare’s Infusion Center and the NOW Building to further increase patient convenience. The lower level of the building will house the most progressive 3T MRI available on the market. Architects for this expansion are Edmund London & Associates, Inc. of Southfield and Spence Brothers serves as Construction Manager.

   “For a century now, Memorial Healthcare has been determined to bring the highest quality of care to our community,” said Brian Long, Memorial’s president and chief executive officer. “It is a rich heritage of dedication and commitment to excellence that we strive to continue to provide today.

  “The tools, technology and innovations that have helped us serve our community have changed radically over the past 100 years. However, the heart and soul of our hospital have remained intact. Memorial Healthcare is a top regional healthcare provider, widely respected as a leader of innovative medicine, nationally recognized for its quality and safety.”

  The NOW Building will have a phased opening to allow for moving of our established offices and service lines. The first phase will be new services which include the Wellness Center, Café and our new 3T MRI. Additional phases will include neurology, therapies (physical/occupational/speech/pediatric), orthopedics and pharmacy.

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