On Friday, Sept. 23, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing to discuss the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits funding abortions with taxpayer dollars, and H.R 3504, known as the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. The Born Alive Act, signed by President George W. Bush in 2002, extends legal protection to infants who are born alive after a “failed” attempt at induced abortion.

Several attendees spoke in support of the Hyde Amendment. Among those was the Senior Policy Analyst of the Charlotte Lozier Institute who stated that the major conclusion of a groundbreaking study is that the Hyde Amendment has saved more than two million lives since 1976.

Also speaking was Gianna Jessen, who survived and developed cerebral palsy as the result of a failed saline abortion performed on her 17-year-old biological mother. Jessen shared her testimony and framed the hearing by stating, “We are here to discuss infanticide. I am greatly troubled that this hearing is even necessary, and that such a law to prevent infanticide must be constructed in the United States of America at all.” Jessen was the guest speaker at the annual Pregnancy Resource Center’s Annual Fundraising dinner here in Owosso.

Jonathan Alexandre, Liberty Counsel’s Director of Public Policy in Washington, also attended the hearing. “I am appalled that ‘lack of money’ and ‘convenience’ were chief reasons why pro-abortion activists were championing the repeal of the Hyde Amendment,” said Alexandre. “Although the hearing room was packed with voices on both sides of the debate, nothing was more compelling than the testimony of Gianna Jessen. The Senate bring H.R. 3504 up for a vote.”

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