by Karen Mead-Elford, co-editor

   Two packages were discovered along the side of the Owosso Assembly of God Church on N. M-52 in Owosso on Sunday morning, March 17. Margo Herbruck was attending to some duties in the church that morning. She stepped out and discovered two packages – a garbage bag and a large canvas bag. Seeing the odd set-up, Margo told her husband, Pastor Kenneth Herbruck, about it and he called 911 after observing some odd wires and a timer-like device.

   The Owosso Police arrived shortly after. The Michigan State Police Bomb Squad was notified and were able to identify that the item(s) were inert – meaning they would never have detonated.

   Pastor Herbruck shared that members of Owosso Assembly of God still attended Sunday evening services that night. He also said that church services will continue as normal on Sunday, March 24 with Sunday School at 10 a.m. and Sunday morning service at 11 a.m.

   Owosso Police Chief Kevin Lenkart said that the case remains under investigation.

Investigation on Suspicious Packages Found at Owosso Church Continues was last modified: March 25th, 2019 by Karen Elford