PROPERTY LOCATED AT 152 HOWARD STREET in Owosso is currently going through Owosso City Council proceedings for consideration as an Obsolete Property Rehabilitation District (OPRA District). An OPRA is a type of incentive used for redevelopment of commercial properties that are considered functionally obsolete or blighted. Generally, an OPRA freezes the taxable value of a property at a specified location for a certain number of years (usually 12 years) while the property is rehabilitated as a multi-use property, with part or all of the conversion used for residential dwelling.

   Susan Ludington of Owosso submitted the request to the city clerk early in August. The Ludingtons have owned the Howard Street building since approximately 2003, but are now seeking the OPRA to renovate the property into a two-story multi-use building that will be used for commercial/retail/office space with apartments included on the second floor.

   During the Owosso City Council meeting on Monday, Sept. 3, Owosso City Manager Nathan Henne explained that the public hearing regarding the application that evening for the proposed OPRA District was only a first step in the process.

   The Howard Street building is located just south of the Steam Railroading Institute.

   A memo from Treena Chick, city assessor, requested a hearing be held for Monday, Sept. 16 for public input.

(Independent Photo/Karen Mead-Elford)

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