AN HONORARY PRESENTATION was made to the Alliance for a Drug-Free Shiawassee at the Shiawassee Family YMCA on Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 18, and it could easily be argued that this particular presentation was a uniquely special tribute – and the touching donation of over $800 will go toward helping many people in the area.

   On Thursday, Dec. 13, Kelly Kregger, an Owosso native, passed away after battling with drug addiction for numerous years (See page 8). Still, it is well known by his family and friends that he truly loved and cared for his family and children, despite his continuous struggles. Kregger’s oldest daughter, Krista (Avery) Hubbard, now residing with her family in Florida, wanted to honor her father’s struggle by assisting others in the Shiawassee community who share in a similar battle with drug addiction. So, with her father’s funeral service only just being held on Sunday, Dec. 16, donations were gathered, and Krista, who was attended by her uncle, Kevin Kregger, presented the Alliance for a Drug-Free Shiawassee co-directors Marlene Webster (left) and Laura Burroughs (right) with the envelope holding the checks.

   Symbolically, the presentation took place in the new recovery room at the Shiawassee Family YMCA. To find out more on this nonprofit organization, visit The group represents a coalition of different organizations and agencies that are working together to strengthen the Shiawassee community to educate/prevent drug addiction while caring for those affected by the trauma of related experiences.

   The overwhelming consensus from those attending the presentation on Tuesday is that addiction is a disease for which there is no cure, but an effective network of resources is readily available in Shiawassee County – though it is imperative that the majority of the public must be educated on how to utilize these resources, as well as compassionately assisting those individuals and families involved. Compassion being the key word demonstrated by the presentation from the Kregger family during this period of familial reflection.

(Independent Photo/Karen Mead-Elford)

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