Anthony Tolbert of Shiawassee County, representing the Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution movement, has said the group plans to present their resolution to the Shiawassee Board of Commissioners. The Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution movement shares common ground with a group of movements and proposals happening in several localities in the country. The Shiawassee County group is seeking county approval or “sanctuary” to discourage further state level activity regarding red flag laws and similar legislation – the theory being to enforce the Second Amendment, though the resolution is likely more symbolic than legally binding, based on other county level activity in the state.

   Tolbert has reached out to the commissioners via email and is hopeful the resolution will be added to the agenda in the future. Livingston County also has a Second Amendment Resolution in play that is scheduled for the Tuesday, Feb. 18 county meeting of the Livingston County Board of Commissioners/Development and Public Safety subcommittee.

   Tolbert lives in a rural area along the southern edge of Shiawassee County, across the road from where he grew up, which was actually Livingston County. Though he wasn’t raised on a farm, he grew up helping area farmers and has an affiliation with the agriculture community. Tolbert is also a graduate from Fowlerville Community Schools and holds a degree from MSU. He works in an oil field in North Dakota, but Shiawassee County is home for him and his family.

   He recalls politics starting to draw his interest during his college years, though more at a national level. He shared that after he bought his first home, he started to pay more attention to local politics. Following several social media groups that share his interest in hunting, Tolbert became aware of the Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution group through Facebook. In December, when the group was seeking volunteers, he “thought it was something I could really get behind. I believe in it.” The group was only just starting in December, but Tolbert saw how fast the social media page was expanding and became interested in promoting the resolution.

   Tolbert believes that the resolution stance will be “pretty popular among the locals in Shiawassee County.” He wants people to become involved at the county level and show the commissioners “that a lot of people care about this.” Interested parties can meet with representatives from the group at the Shiawassee Conservation Association Gun & Knife Show from 9 to 4 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 16. A petition will be available, also.

   Tolbert shared, as of Friday, Feb. 7, he had received email responses from both Chairman Jeremy Root and Commissioner Marlene Webster. According to the social media page, he also had a phone call with Root, who had already expressed his support, and it was suggested a meeting was being planned to include Root and possibly Sheriff Brian BeGole.

   More information on this movement can also be found on social media by searching for Michigan for 2A Sanctuary Counties – Shiawassee. For those wishing to express their opinions, contact information for the Shiawassee County Commissioners is available at under government or letters to the editor can be submitted to There are numerous news agencies throughout Michigan reporting on the Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution movement, as well – for individuals seeking a broader perspective.

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