THE GREENWOOD CEMETERY Restoration Project Committee was awarded a $4,000 grant from the Shiawassee Community Foundation. Shown here are Greenwood Cemetery Restoration Project Committee members and Kim Renwick, Executive Director of the Shiawassee Community Foundation.

(Courtesy Photo)


  The Greenwood Cemetery Restoration Project Committee was recently awarded a $4,000 grant from the Shiawassee County Community Foundation in association with the PFC Shane W. Cantu Memorial Fund. The grant will be used to purchase and erect a 35-foot flagpole and flag in the newly designated Heritage Park in the Greenwood Cemetery in Vernon. The flagpole will be dedicated to the Cantu family in honor of PFC Shane W. Cantu on Memorial Day 2023. The flagpole and flag will be a central focus standing in front of a new Historical Tribute Monument which will be completed this summer and unveiled on Labor Day.  

  The center of the Historical Tribute Monument will be three foot wide by eight foot tall with a two foot by six-foot open book end on each side. The base of the monument will extend to nine feet. The open book will feature the history of the Village of Vernon on the frontside, and the reverse side will be reserved for tributes, memorials and recognition of significant partnerships associated with the project. The monument is a gift to the Village of Vernon and the Greenwood Cemetery from a private donor.

  Funds raised through this Cemetery Restoration Project will be used to restore the 100-year-old Community Mausoleum and improve the overall cemetery grounds. Plans include cemetery road repair, restoration of the Civil War Cannon, as well as overall improvement of cemetery operations. Community partnerships include Mid-Michigan Monument, Vernon Township and Great Lakes Family of Companies and Tyson Lyons Construction. 

  The Greenwood Cemetery Restoration Project was authorized on June 28, 2022 by the Greenwood Cemetery Association’s Board of Directors. The Association is a private non-profit 501(c)13 organization. Funding for the cemetery is from burials, cremations and a small amount from a State regulated Trust which only permits the interest on investments on the Trust to be used for cemetery expenses. Due to the decline in burials and cremations, especially in the last three years due to COVID restrictions, the cemetery has lost significant revenue. Therefore, this fund-raising project was implemented to establish an on-going revenue source to supplement cemetery funds and sustain its operation for future generations.

  GRCP Committee Members include Barbara Sluka Runyan, Fundraising Project Coordinator; Russel Hilliker, Restoration Coordinator; Connie Brown Hilliker, Treasurer; Gaylord Runyan, Project Assistant and Mary Van Loon, Volunteer Coordinator.

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