Jill Davis is shown here with a few samples she baked for the Shiawassee Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Topics@Twelve held Tuesday, Jan. 17.

(Courtesy Photo)


  Jill Davis, owner of Owosso’s Drizzle Cakes and Bakes and a finalist on the Food Network’s Halloween Baking Championship this past fall, was the speaker at the Shiawassee Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Topics@Twelve.

  In her presentation, Davis shared how she was inspired to start her now-famous business, which includes amazingly beautiful and creatively decorated cakes, along with cookies, pies, scones, breads and special holiday-themed goodies. She also talked about why she wanted to do the Food Network show and how she succeeded in being chosen for the competition. 

  The Halloween Baking Championship aired in October and ultimately crowned one person as the best baker of spooky, creepy desserts. Davis was one of four finalists out of a group that started with 12 contestants. Since the show, Davis has experienced exponential growth. 

  “I want to bring people to this town with flavor, creativity and food. I’m all about community. I grew up in another small Michigan town, but now this is my home. I try to use local food sources and work sustainably. For example, I share cake scraps with egg farmers. Chicken feed is expensive right now. I can’t thank people enough for giving me a place in this community and letting me share my passion,” said Davis.

   Davis shared, “When people step into my “shop,” even though I don’t have one of my own yet, it’s my goal to make you feel like you’re in my home…just like grandma’s house. We are searching for a place. We want the community’s feedback on what they want. There are already lots of great bakeries around. We want to be here for our neighbors.”

   Being a finalist on the show has opened up some great opportunities for Davis. “I once got to make a cake for Joe Perry of Aerosmith when working at another bakery. Then I helped do a cake for Katy Perry. Those opportunities, and what I’m doing now,  are very exciting. The Food Network competition skyrocketed my business. The cool thing is, they came to me. I was so honored. What a wild ride,” said Davis.

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