ICE QUEEN – The first Glow Owosso Ice Queen, Athena Kurtz, was crowned at Curwood Castle Saturday, Nov. 21, after a seven-week fundraising competition. The Ice Queen contest was fashioned after the Curwood Festival’s very popular Mr. Owosso contest.

Kurtz, with campaign managers, Voula Erfourth and Janae Fear, partnered with Memorial FIT Kids to raise $10,122 for the nonprofit funded by Memorial Healthcare. In total, the contest raised exactly $19,000 for area nonprofits, 10 percent of which will go to Glow Owosso.

Barbara Baker Omerod who campaigned for Shiawassee Humane Society raised $4,170; Jessica Farr raised $3,500 for SafeCenter; and Cindy Garber raised $1,207 for Pleasant Valley Impact Center.

Gathered for the crowning in Curwood Castle’s Great Hall by Chris Eveleth (standing, right), event organizer, was Athena Kurtz (seated) along with the other Ice Queen contestants (standing, from left): Cindy Garber, Jessica Farr and Barbara Baker Omerod. The Ice Queen made her debut in the Glow Owosso parade on Friday, Nov. 27. (Independent Photo/JANAE FEAR)

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