ICE QUEEN candidates and their campaign managers attended a kickoff event at the Shiawassee Art Center Saturday evening, Oct. 3.

Participants include (from left): Renee Flynn Brown, campaign manager for Cindy Garber representing Pleasant Valley Impact Center; Barbara Baker Omerod representing Shiawassee Humane Society with Tracey Peltier as campaign manager, Jessica Farr representing SafeCenter with Tonya Avery (not pictured) as campaign manager and Voula Erfourth, campaign manager for Athena Kurtz (inset) representing Memorial FIT Kids. (Independent Photos/JANAE FEAR)

For the first time ever, area women have a chance to showcase their fundraising skills for a good cause. The Glow Owosso committee kicked off the first Ice Queen competition at the Shiawassee Arts Center on Saturday evening, Oct. 3.

The Ice Queen contest is fashioned after the Curwood Festival’s very popular Mr. Owosso contest. Candidates have until Nov. 21 to raise money for their partner nonprofit organizations.

Running this year are Cindy Garber for the Pleasant Valley Impact Center, Barbara Baker Omerod for the Shiawassee Humane Society, Jessica Farr for SafeCenter and Athena Kurtz for Memorial FIT Kids.

Each candidate has campaign managers to assist in the fundraising efforts. “We are looking to turn the title of Ice Queen from an insult into a Badge of Honor. Women working together for a good cause,” said Chris Eveleth of the Glow organizers.

The candidate who raises the most funds for their organization will be crowned Ice Queen at a ceremony set for Nov. 21 and will ride in the Glow Owosso parade with Santa on Friday evening, Nov. 27.

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