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Letter to the Editor


William Brooks, Owosso

10:44 am

Independent Editor,
I tend to stay out of politics. I don’t like the personal attacks and the nastiness of it all, but after what I saw this week I had to speak up. Hartmann Aue is a friend, and seeing people take shots at him and his family for Hart’s sacrifices in a time of need really got to me.
When Capt. Bill Aue (USMC, ret.) passed away I watched the Aue family rally together. Mr. Aue was a great man. He served his country in Vietnam where he was hit with agent orange. He also served his community as an educator for decades. As a former Navy corpsman serving with Marines, I know that people like Bill Aue are especially rare, and families like the Aue’s are really special. I saw Hart leave Michigan State to come home to help his father after he was diagnosed with cancer. Hart was there for his family to take his Dad to chemo and was there to be a helping hand as his family struggled through an incredibly difficult time. He even swallowed his pride and went back to VG’s and asked for his high school job while he was at home to help his family to pay for his own groceries.
This was one of the most difficult and honorable things that a son could do. He put his life on hold in order to step up and be strong for his family, especially his mother. This time in Hartmann’s life was especially humbling, but he learned that nothing is more important than family.
One of the things that upset me most about the letter I saw recently was the statement that Hartmann living with his mother somehow makes him unqualified to lead, when it is in fact the contrary. Hart has made huge sacrifices that not many people are willing to make. He was willing to leave school, extending the time it took to graduate, to care for his sick father, and again he moved home to help take care of his mother and the home that the Aue’s have lived in since 1988.
We often hear about politicians taking things out of context to score political points, but there are times when spinning a story is strictly off limits. One of those times is trying to make someone look weak for making a sacrifice out of love in the wake of a family tragedy.
Hartmann Aue is the best choice for State Representative because he will always be there to make those hard choices for us.

William Brooks, Owosso

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