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Letter to the Editor


Thomas J. Emery, Esq., Perry

10:46 am

Independent Editor,
It is time for voters in Shiawassee County to deny County Clerk Lauri Braid another term. She has been in office too long and her’s is not the kind of “experience” we need or want. The purpose of holding public office is to serve the public in a fair and equitable manner; it is not to abuse that public service by enhancing one’s personal status and political power. Ms. Braid fails to meet this standard of public service. When a politician has been in office too long it is time for term limits. For the voters to defeat her in the Aug. 2 primary election is the best way to impose term limits on her. When I ran for a public office four years ago, it appeared to me that Lauri Braid misused her position as County Clerk in a partisan manner in opposition to my campaign. She couldn’t resist using her office in a political manner then, nor can resist doing so now.
For example, in a recent letter in the Argus Press, less than half of this county’s municipal clerks (10 out of 27 Township, City, and Village Clerks) claim to endorse Ms. Braid for another term. What is the credibility of these alleged endorsements? Do the clerks sincerely believe that Lauri has done a good job or are they just trying to avoid future retaliation? It seems to me that soliciting such endorsements from persons whose official functions are often dependent upon cooperation and assistance from that same Lauri Braid establishes an appearance of impropriety. The endorsements lack credibility because we don’t know their true motivation. After all, these clerks may well have felt coercion and pressure to endorse her in order to avoid future retaliation. Does Lauri have a record of retaliating?
The municipal clerks could readily infer such future retaliation based on the way Lauri treated longtime Chief Deputy Clerk Marcy Brady upon her retirement. (See Brady Letter to the Editor in the Independent Newspaper of July 24, page 13). Despite over forty years of loyal service to the County, when Marcy’s retirement plans did not fit Lauri’s scheme she treated Marcy with harassment and disrespect. The clerks could have a reasonable fear that failure to support Lauri’s political career could be detrimental to performance of their jobs. Even if she loses the primary, they would have to rely on her for another five months. All of this demonstrates perfectly why so many people are working hard to defeat her re-election bid.

Thomas J. Emery, Esq., Perry

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